Today is Aug 16th, 2022. How much money have you saved today?  
Hello, !  If you were directed to this page, it means that your membership has expired.  If you see any name, other than your F3 name, please STOP and contact Douglas immediately!

Uh huh!  You got a notice about your account expiring, eh?  Well, check this out.  This is the place that you go to in order to renew your account.  Renewal is REAL simple and easy, just click on the option that you want to use to renew your account (if renewing by PayPal).  If you're renewing by check, look below the PayPal links.  :)

To renew for a 1 year membership via PayPal, click HERE.
To renew for a 2 year/1+1 membership via PayPal, click HERE.

To renew for a 1 year membership via Credit Card, click the button below:

Please be aware that ANY credit card payments will show up on your bill as "TheRealms.NetWorks" and/or  This is how my credit card processing is set up.

Please note that if you see $0.00 as the price, that you are NOT logged into the forums. Please log in now. :)

After you get done sending payment, you'll be returned back to our site, and we'll let you know when we've processed your renewal.  We're VERY glad that you're going to stay!  :)

If you're renewing via Check/Money Order, we MUST have your membership in within 10 days of your account's expiration, otherwise, we'll have to turn your account off until we receive your membership.  See above for the membership fees.

One Year Membership:
Two Year Membership (or a one year + 1 sponsorship):
Make Checks/Money Orders/Mailing Address out to:
Karin Rasmussen
2509 Rogers Road
Lancaster, KY  40444

Please, no cash, no way to track it then.

Don't make it out to Fractured Frugal Friends, please.  :)
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