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Welcome to the Fractured Frugal Friends Links section.  Feel free to peruse through any of the categories we have on the left.  We'll be adding more links as time goes on, so be sure to check back often.  Also, please do be aware that we do monitor the links frequently, though we may sometimes miss one that may not quite be up to our standards, or that we do sometimes put links in that aren't necessarily frugality related.

Members are able to submit links directly by clicking on the Submit a Link link.  If you don't see that link, then you're not a member, or you're not logged in.

Just because you don't see a specific category doesn't mean that we don't already have it, it more than likely means that we've not had any submissions for that category.  If you want to suggest a link to us, please use the contact us page to submit a link to us.  NOTE:  We frown VERY heavily on any links that have a referral or affiliate ID on it.  While we do appreciate the wealth of information offered by everyone, we're not a place for you to profit off the work of others.  If you have a site that relies on an affiliate ID or referral link, then consider placing an ad in our classifieds section. does not have ANY pop up advertising, so if you're getting pop ups by visiting this page, chances are that you are infected with spy/scumware.  Please check the Help section under COMPUTERS or INTERNET for more info about removal of these items.

Please keep in mind that Fractured Frugal Friends does NOT personally endorse ANY of the links on this page.  We take ALL reasonable precautions to ensure that any links submitted to us are safe for all ages to visit, unless otherwise noted.  If you find an inappropriate link, please use the Contact Us option under ABOUT US at the top.  All links open in a new browser window when you click on it.  Thanks and happy browsing!
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