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I have been a member now for seven months, as a member of Frugal-moms, this was a natural progression for me.
This site has the same sense of community and family with a great deal of fun, not so many restrictions, especially in the chat room , the addition of a games room, and another chat room , gives this site a very special feel.
The Mods do a fantastic job, and no one is pushed aside and help and advise is always at hand if needed. The sense of fun and friendship is wonderful.
As far as I'm concerned paying $20 per year is minimal when you consider the advise and help that you can get for "Free" effectively pays for itself a thousand fold over - I have saved a great deal of money on unnecessary things, although I still have a long way to go.
The forums are useful, and you can find near enough anything on any subject under the sun.
When I recommend this site to people - I do let them know about the fee, but emphasise the value for money from the things we learn.

Thanks for the great B-Day wish page for Douglas.
It was great to see!
his Mom, Sheryl

Hi there: Just wanted to let you know that i love this site. I'm not sure if i'm using it to full capacity. I have only one small thing to add, in the recipes area, is it possible to add an appetizer section? thanks to leslie for telling me about this site, i really enjoy it.


I have been a member here since the beginning of FFF. I think the concept of having a closed community is the best part of the site. It's nice in this world today to have a safe, clean site to come to! We don't have to worry about having just anyone coming in and playing the games here like one sees on other free sites. Here you can find a great group of people who are interested in games, gardening, child rearing, crafts and the "family" feel that is needed. All the way from the Technical Staff to the members you can find caring, sharing and loving people. There is always someone who is willing to come to help with whatever you have a need for. Paying for the priviledge of having all that and more is money well spent! Come on and sit a spell; check out a taste of what is inside the doors and you won't be disappointed! We hope to see you signed up and posting soon!

I joined FFF because FM's was closing, and I need all the support I can get in my efforts at frugal living! I don't mind paying for membership because I feel I save enough to earn the fee back many times over. Being part of a closed community means people who may not have the group's best interests at heart are kept out. The advice and encouragement I receive from the members and mods here has been priceless. I cannot thank you enough for opening the site for former FM members.

I partially joined FFF to stay with the great people I met at FM's. The other reason I joined was to continue to learn new ways to be frugal. I like the idea of a closed community because it gives me a sense of being safe. I don't mind paying a membership fee because I learn so many money saving tips and ideas. I can go to the local Wal-Mart and plop down money on junk that will do nothing to help me live better, OR I can join here and learn ways to make that $20 dollars into $2,000. To me that kinda knowledge is worth every penny.
Melody L


I love the new site. I was delayed in sending payment until this past Thursday so if you have to temporarily shut me down as it may not reach you by Monday. I understand. I am sorry for delay just to many things happened in a such a short time it took time to get back some order.

Thanks again for the great new site.

Mattysmom (A. Greger)

I was a working mom who decided I couldn't handle working outside the home, taking care of all things that I needed to take care of at home and being able to spend time with my husband and kids. I was searching the internet to find ways of saving money and found a site called Frugal Moms. I registered there in December of 2000. At the time, the site was free. As the problems with the dot coms started, it became increasingly harder for the owner of the site to be able to provide it for free. She didn't want to have the members be bothered with pop-ups and all kinds of advertising. Some members asked about sending donations to help offset the cost, but that just wasn't enough. She made the hard decision to become a paid site. It became effective in February of 2002. I had no qualms at all about paying for the site. As the year of 2002 progressed, she made a decision to shut down the site so that she could spend more time with her husband and kids. She felt horrible about doing this to the members, but felt it was a decision she had to make and we all supported her even though we thought we would lose some of our best friends by this happening. Douglas had been doing some work for her and he asked her about starting a site for her members to go to. He announced the opening and let us know that it would be a paid site also. I jumped on it as soon as I found out how to submit the payment. I would like to let people know the reasons why I pay for a site about frugality. This site offers all kind of resources in the way of members for getting all kinds of help when you have a question about something. This ranges from cooking, to cleaning products, to crafts, to using coupons to get the best deals, to how to fix something yourself, to gardening, to canning and freezing all your goodies out of your garden. There are sections geared toward reducing your debt, one for ways to save on your utility bills and more. I have never posted a question on the forums without getting all kinds of wonderful responses from the other members. We also have fun areas at this site also. We have a fun and games section, a chitchat section, we have a gallery we can post pics of our friends, pets and families at. We have a chatroom and we have fun when we get together and chat. (Although I have to fight with my husband for time in the chat room and he usually beats me there.) We have a Diaries area where we can post our thoughts and these can be private for just your reading or you can have them public if you want to share it with your family and friends at FFF. My ultimate reason for staying with this site is the community feeling that you get as being a member. These ladies and gentlemen are like family members (and my husband is one of them). Yes, we both love the site so much that we both paid memberships to be a part of the community. I think that you save so much more than the membership fees when you use all the resources on the site.
Thank you so much Douglas for this wonderful second home.

First of all, I want to say Thank You to Douglas for starting this site for all of us at FM'S. We were all sad when Kim mad the announcement that she was closing the site down, but Douglas stepped in and saved the day!

Having worked outside the home for 15 years, I needed a change. I was ready to become a SAHM for the first time in 15 years. Although we could have survived on Dh's income alone, I did'nt want to have to dig into savings and investements for emergencies or such. Being new to the whole internet thing, I did a websearch on frugality and came up with FM's.

My first post was to introduce myself and give a little history of myself. Almost right away, the welcomes started coming in and I felt so at home. I started learning more and more about frugality and simplicity and making friends with my FM family. It was all so exciting and became a lifestyle for me in a very short period of time.

I have cut my grocery bill down by 50%. From 600.00 per month to between 250.00 to 300.00 per month. And we do eat very healthy meals. I learned about shopping for loss leaders and menu planning and once a month cooking. I learned how to really stock a pantry. I could go on and on!

I am so thankful that we have all of this and more on Douglas's site and am so happy that my family from Fm's have been transfering over to the FFF's site. It is so well worth the 20.00 membership fee to cover server costs etc.. I have already recouped that 20.00 since joining and will save $$$$$"s more by being a member here.

But also I would like to say that it is not just about the $$$$$, I have made and gotten to know some truly authentic, wonderful people here. And I have learned about compassion and understanding from these people.

Being frugal and living the simple life has made a tremendous amount of difference in my life and my families!

It is plain and simple why I joined this wonderful site. This is a place I can come to visit with people like me. Everyone around our town sees a frugal lifestyle as a big no-no. I have learned so much, from how to save on my utility bills to the best way to feed my family on less than $300.00 a month. When I first aproached my husband about paying to go on this site, he said, "Well, haven't you saved more than that?" That sums the payment issue up nicely. There are few places you can go, where you can get such wonderful information from other people, like myself, where you can learn so much.

It really isn't just the learning to save money. These people will laugh with you when you have had a wonderful day, or cry with you when you have had a bad one. They give you support to keep on the "right" path of frugality. And they never get angry if you fall off the wagon! They just gently help you get back on.

All in all this site has become my first stopping place on any questions I have. There are usually 10 to 15 answers on helping me with a problems, ranging from what do I do with a burnt pan, to how can I make home made laundry soap.

Being on this closed site was well worth the money I paid for it. I hate looking something up on the Internet, just to have a pop-up ad get in the way of the information. We never have ads on our closed site and for this I am extremely grateful. The time and expense that Douglas puts into this site can never be paid back by our little payment. If the payment were to be raised to above the $20.00 yearly fee, I would definatley pay it. I have "earned" so much more by being here.

I hope to have you join our little family of like minded people, remembering that we are here for you.

Thank you, emke (Okolona, AR.)
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