Today is Dec 3rd, 2022. How much money have you saved today?  

What Features we offer

Everyone that's a member already knows what features we offer, and the fact that some of them are just truly unique on the internet, however, we're pretty sure that you don't know what we offer you.  So let's just spill the list out.  :D

We offer you, first and foremost, privacy.  We don't reveal your contact or personal information to anyone, for any reason.  The only rule to this is if we want to send you something (such as a contest prize, or a swap item).  You will always be contacted first to see if we have your permission.  If you're more comfy in just having Douglas or one of the moderators sending it to you, that's not a problem, either.

We offer a banner free site for members.  We also offer a pop up free site to everyone, with the exception of the chat room.  The chat room itself is a pop up window, just because of the uniqueness of it.  Outside of that, there's no advertising anywhere except in designated forums and our (soon to be coming) classified ads system.

We offer one HECK of a dynamic, warm and trusting community of peers.  The members help each other in the path of frugality.  The friendships, though they may start online, often last for years and years, and even carry to an offline friendship!  And the beauty of all of this is that it's not just a local thing.  F3 represents at least 10 countries right now.  So you'll get a VERY WIDE perspective on things, and even get to see how other countries deal with financial issues in a day to day setting.

Because we span 10 countries (or more), you can find out stuff a lot quicker than the news.  The means of communicating with each other on an international scale is beyond comparison.

Trust:  We are a very trusting community, once we get to know you.  And you can trust that you will not be criticized or judged based on your financial situation.  Remember, there's a lot of people in the same boat as you are.  There's a lot of people here that are making that push to get out of that situation.  Because we do divulge a lot of personal and financial information, we lock a large portion of our site down so that non members cannot gain access to your personal information.  This also means that it will not be put up on a search engine anywhere, since we lock out Search Engines from a healthy portion of our site, as well.  So you can trust that your information is completely safe and secure here!

Discounts from various members that own their own businesses.  While we do not guarantee that every business owner here will give out discounts, we do know of quite a few that do.  For example, Karin of Herb'N'Renewal fame ( does tend to give F3 members a bit of a price break, if she's contacted through the site (She does, after all, want to make sure that she's giving the right person a discount).  And I'm sure there are a few others that are giving discounts as well.  So you save even MORE money by being a member!

Member Benefits:  We give members the ability to have 2 classified ads running at any given time, totally free of charge.  We're also considering providing an eBay/uBid image hosting service with a limited number of pictures for online storage.  Members also get to view ALL editions of everything posted, whether we've released them to the public or not (such as Articles, Advice Columns, Recipes, etc).  They also get to participate in a LOT of projects, challenges and activities going on.all over the place.  Even our photo gallery is hidden from the general public.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I'd be very surprised if you're not able to save at least $100 your first month of being a member?  That comes out to an average of $1200 savings your first year, all on a $12.50 membership.  The average amount of savings or debt reduction is actually over $2,000 a year, per member.  While it may not seem like much on a day to day basis, a few pennies here, a few dollars there, it really DOES add up in the end.  For instance, MrsChak managed to shave off more than $2500 CDN a year off her grocery bill alone, through this site and the site that we replaced.  We'll give you the knowledge, the resources and the tools to do that.

There's so many more benefits that I've not listed or have forgotten to list, it really is worth it to become a member.  Besides, with the marketing campaign that I've got planned, who knows, we could make you famous!  Just ask the gals that appeared in the October, 2003 edition of Good Housekeeping.  :D

Looking forward to seeing YOU become a member soon!
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