Today is Dec 3rd, 2022. How much money have you saved today?  

Joining us at F3

Ahh, so you're thinking about joining us as a member of Fractured Frugal Friends?  That's absolutely awesome!  We really hope that you DO decide to join us and let us share our wisdom with you and have you teach us a thing or two!

F3 is very much a community driven site.  Our core values are Information, Education and Entertainment.  We focus very heavily on the first two and have a minor emphasis on the fun stuff.  One thing that we think that you'll really like about is is the fact that we are a very warm, caring and positive group that provides a nurturing and supportive environment to help others get more fiscally and financially solvent.

Did you know that we've been able to help people repay back more than $4 million dollars in mortgage and non mortgage debt?  And that's with 500 or so members!  It doesn't take an arm and a leg off of you to do this.  You really have to start small and work your way up there.  Sometimes simply eliminating two dine-out nights a month (for a family of four) could end up saving you close to $500 over the course of a year.  What about maybe reusing some of the containers that you get your food in, instead of buying new containers (The Three R's:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).  Not only does that cut down on expenses of buying new storage containers, you're also helping the environment out, as well.

Or, maybe skipping one latte a week, that could save you $175.00 a year right there.  While each item by itself may not add up to much, the more you learn about Debt Reduction and Money Management, the more you save, the more bills you pay down, the more it all adds up.  MrsChak learned how to shave off more than $2,000 CDN a year off her grocery bill.  We have some GREAT resources that will show you how you can pay down your debts sooner, rather than later.  There are countless hundreds of other members here that are pinching their pennies and learning to live better, shop wiser, all on leaner budgets.

I would honestly be surprised if you didn't manage to save $100.00 your first month with us.  We even had one gal that saved $100.00 her first WEEK here.  Patricia said, and I quote:  "I just wanted to thank everyone here for encouraging me to join F3.  I'll be honest,  at first I thought to myself: there is no way I'm going to pay money for this.  But, I am ever so glad I did because the membership fee has already paid for itself 5X over in the very first week!"  How did she do it?  Go see for yourself, her post is HERE!

I want you to look through ALL the links at the left, please do them in order that you see them.  They all contain a WEALTH of information about becoming a member.

Hope to see you soon!
Douglas, F3 Administrator and Owner
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