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Space Wars

Play Space Wars

Whilst sitting in a beach side pub in sunny Australia, a news flash beams across the TV screen above the bar. It's your boss, Robert Richba and his mortal enemy, Henry Stards.

Richba says "Today begins the dawn of a new era. Today, Mr. Stards and I joined forces to form RichbaStards, Corp. Two hours ago, we took over all systems that run Richba OS. This includes all Earth space ships and satellites. We now control the internet and the WORLD!"

You are not concerned (after all you may get a promotion to Ruler of Denmark), that is, until a fine lass at the next table says "I'd do anything to stop those RichbaStards."

Two hours later, you strap yourself in the Golden Shaggen Wagon. You take off on a mission to take out RichbaStarb's 20 control satelites, save the world and make yourself infinitely more attractive to the opposite sex.

Use your mouse to move up, down, left and right. Use the mouse button to fire. I believe you get 5 lives. If you die, you must restart your current level over again. Good luck!
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