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Fractured Frugal Advice Columns

Welcome to our Fractured Frugal Advice Columns!  Here you will be able to check out the latest advice for all things frugal.  We can cover a myriad of questions for you, and want to encourage YOU to reach out and ask us for various bits of advice!  Need some guidance on how to cook a large dinner frugally?  What about how to garden more effectively.  Need some frugal sewing advice?  How about a way to make home made laundry or dish detergant cheaply?

You've come to the right place.  Our experts are just salivating at the prospect of dishing out their knowledge and expertise to help you achieve that one goal that you've been searching all over the internet for advice with.

Please do keep in mind that sometimes we may not be able to answer your question or even at all, and that you will not get a direct emailed response.  We also reserve the right to use your question publicly or privately, and that it may be published in an offline format at a later time.  We will try to answer anything that gets thrown our way, so be sure to challenge us to think!

Also please be aware that your question might not come out in our next edition**, it could be slated for two or three editions down the road, you'll just have to keep checking the site often.  :)

To ask for advice, simply click on a column name to the left and then click on "Ask for Advice" on the left side of that person's column.

Have an idea for a new column?  Use the Contact Us link under "About Us" at the top, and we'll see what we can do for you!  Until then...


Ask Elaine - by: Elaine
Hi. I am here to answer frugal questions you may have. Do you want to know how to do minor household or auto repairs? Do you want to learn to save money on your grocery budget or utilities? Do you want to raise your own vegetables, fruits, or meat? Ask away. I just might have the answer for you.

About me:  I am a stay at home mom, who homeschools my children. I enjoy living in the country with my husband, two children, and numerous animals. We raise a lot of our own food and repair most of the things that break around our mini farm. I became frugal when I had to, but have stayed frugal because I enjoy the benefits that frugal living has given me.

Mabel Tells You How To..... Mabel Tells You How To..... - by: Mabel
Here's a place where I will take the questions submitted by YOU, the reader, and turn them into a column with advice on "How To" accomplish what you are aiming for! Whether it be about frugality, family life, parenting, health and beauty, or just frivolous fun, I will do my best to keep you informed on "How To"!!!

About me:  I am a 26 year old elementary school teacher at a private school in Wisconsin. I teach many different subjects, but specialize in working with children with special needs. I also coach volleyball, cheerleading, and dance.
I live with my husband of 7 years, and have a beautiful two year old son.

The Bear's Catch-all Column The Bear's Catch-all Column - by: Douglas
If you've got a question that doesn't fit in with anyone else's column, please ask your question here. We'll research the issue and try to get you a good answer. You should always check the other columns to see if another columnist is a better fit for you first, though. :)

IF you can't find a good fit, then go ahead and poke me with your stick. I'm a gentle bear. :)

About me:  Not too much that I can say about me, other than I'm the Big Bear that runs the site. :D

(**:  Members can read any and all columns, no matter if they're on a current, past or slated for a future edition.)
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