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From: Heather, Washington on Dec 27, 2005.
Question:  Hello Mabel!!
I am a knitter, and would like to bring in extra money using my skill. Do you have any advice for doing this on a budget? (ie: getting the word out, finding places to sell, not being taken advantage of... you name it! ;) )

Answer:  Heather,
First off, congratulations on taking on such an exciting business venture!

The best 3 words you'll ever hear when it comes to selling your craft items will be these - "Word Of Mouth"!! Get the word out about your products. Give them as gifts, wear them yourself, bundle your kids up in homemade scarves, etc. Then reap the benefits of new customers when people ask you where you got them!
Do an internet search on free business cards, and get some cards printed up that you can hand out to people who show interest in your product.
Lastly, look into displaying your product in craft malls, craft booths, etc. Beware, however, of the "rip off" places that will take so much of your profit in their percentage, that it just isn't worth your time and effort to sell there.
Good luck on your new adventure - I'll be excited to hear how it works out!

From: MaryJo, on Jan 07, 2005.
Question:  My children think they need to be in several activities. The problem is I can't afford these but I don't want to disappoint them and I don't want to look poor in front of the other mothers. HELP!!

Answer:  As a mother I can feel your pain. My baby is only 1, but I dread the day he thinks he needs to sign up for a million sports!

Compromise. Ask your children to make a list of activities they'd be interested, and then using schedules and finances as factors, help them choose ONE activity to sign up for, and encourage them to strive to be the best they can be in that activity.

Another idea to look into to give your children other social activities to take part in - check with your local library. They often have a list of different activites going on, many of which are either free, or very low cost.
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