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From: Sharon, Cape Cod on Feb 20, 2006.
Question:  I really want to join but I have 4 children; 15,10,2 & 1 and barely any time to read/write. I've been on this site for an hour and have just finished reading the rules and some posts. I'm back after rescuing my 1year old from his 2 yr old sister. i have to go for a few i have 2 crying babies....back, this is why i'm not sure if this is for me. also i tend to not finish or follow-through on things. is this worth my time/money? i hope so! thanks, sharon

Answer:  Hiyas, Sharon! I apologize for the delay in answering you, I was very busy myself, planning my wedding for April 1st, then having the wedding, having my "little" brother over here from Norway through most of April, and then having to travel to California for not one, but two funerals (Grandma died on the 4th, her son/my uncle died 28 hours later). I know exactly what you mean about the time constraints.

Let's delve right into your questions... It absolutely is worth it. Our Large/Blended Families forum will give you some GREAT pointers on how to help manage your family time, delegate tasks and hold the older ones responsible, and maybe even give you a chance of some sanity time!

We've got our "Our Growing Frugal Family", where you can actually enlist the entire family, yes, even the 2 year old, and start teaching them about frugality.

We have a GREAT "Getting Organized" forum that will help you organize, declutter and de-stress your life... I know that forum has been a MAJOR lifesaver for a few of the ladies here.

Then to top it off, why not chat in our chat room and get some sisterly support from some of the members we have here that have just as many, if not more, kids that you've got. One of our members is actually expecting her 10th child in June, 2006. We've got another member that has a GREAT website called Four or More (, dealing with 4 or more kids. Angie is quite the expert at this, LOL!

And finally, take your mind off the kids (after they're in bed, of course), the hubby and housework and just bring some chuckles out of yourself with the Fun and Games forum. After all, Laughter is the best medicine!

Hope to see you soon, Sharon, and thanks for taking the time to write me!
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