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Survival Tips while unemployed: Part 3

Article by: MrsChak
Dated: Aug 27, 2003

Part 3: You've Found Work! Back To Normal Spending. Right?

You've found work! Congratulations! It's great to get back to work, and back to your regular life! Now you can go out and buy all those things you didn't buy while you were unemployed, right?

Well, let's breathe, and take a look first. While you were unemployed, you made some cuts from the household budget. Do you really need to add them all back on? Maybe you've found you really don't miss the call answer on your phone, or you don't really need that magazine subscription you cancelled anyway. Maybe you can leave the cable at basic, at least through the summer when you aren't home much anyway.

Take a look at some of the changes you made around your house. You now have the kids turning off the water while they brush their teeth, and you are more careful about how often you use the dryer. Do you really want to see your utilities go all the way back up? It might be nice to plug some items back in, but it doesn't mean you have to go back to being wasteful. See which things you can leave off. If you didn't miss them, you don't need them now!

The bottom line is, especially in today's economic climate, that you can't predict that you won't be unemployed again. Don't let yourself fall into the trap of raising all your bills back up; starting that new renovation to the house on credit because you have a paycheck again. Once you get caught up on any bills you let fall behind, it's time to start an emergency fund. You must try to build up at least a 6-month cushion of cash for the bills in case this happens again. Think how much easier this recent unemployed period would have been if you had known you could pay your bills for a few months without worrying!

Enjoy your new job, but also plan for the future, so you don't get caught without that emergency fund again!
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