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Last Year vs. This Year

Article by: cskies1
Dated: May 26, 2006

Last Year vs. This YearWhat a difference one year on F3 can make! I hear stories like this every day on our site; I think this one sums up how much of a morale booster (as well as financial booster) our members are to each other. If you ever needed any single reason to look deeper into your own finances, here's 7 GREAT reasons!

Last year I had $20 in my checking account to pay incoming bills. This year I have $2,100.

Last year there was no emergency fund...just plenty of emergencies! This year I have an Emergency fund with $1,100 in it.

Last year there was no freedom fund. This year I can put $600 in a Freedom Account.

Last year I didn't know where I was going to get food to put on the table. This year my cupboards and pantry are overflowing and everything bought with cash.

Last year I thought I had no money to give. This year I can tithe to 3 different ministries.

Last year I had debt... $45,000. This year I do have debt. $37,000.

Last year I was depressed and in a panic! This year I am confident that good things are going to happen.

Editor's note: The image above is used as a Then vs. Now image.
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