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Welcome to's "About Us" page!  So you decided that you wanted to know who we are and our history, huh?  It's pretty simple, actually!

When Douglas launched the site back in 2000, the original vision for the site was to make it the next premier online games site... you know, the classics we all love:  Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and the like.  And we ran it that way pretty darned well.  Not much changed for the next couple years, outside of redesigns and the addition of more games.  We relied on people purchasing hosting and advertising to keep the site going.  We like to refer to that period as the "Dark Ages" of our history.  Thank goodness it's passed on since then!

Back in September of 2002, Kim Tilley of Frugal Moms fame, announced that after almost 5 years, Frugal Moms was closing it's doors in February 2003.  Several members, led by Karin Rasmussen (karin on our site) approached Douglas with a request to launch a site to replace Frugal Moms.  Douglas said that he would think about it, talked it over with his (then girlfriend) fiancee and with Kim herself.  Both agreed that Douglas should take on this new project and create a brand new home for all the Frugalites out there.

Fractured Frugal Friends was born on November 10th, 2002, went into design stage on November 13th.  With a lot of work, trials and tribulations, opened it's doors as Fractured Frugal Friends (also known as F3) on December 16th, 2002 at 3:45 PM EST and welcomed it's first official member, RobinAnn.  Yes, Robin's still with us to this day.

Did you know that we've been able to help people repay more than $4 million dollars in mortgage and non-mortgage debt?  For less than 700 members, that's quite impressive!  We simply could not have done it without our members.  This whole site is a MHM community, where Members Help other Members.  Even if you're new to the concept of Frugality, I am very sure we could all learn something from you!

We've constantly evolved the site over time, opting to focus primarily on the members section.  The members reaped plenty of rewards and benefits from all the enhancements over the past two years, and now, it's time for the public side to start showcasing what it can do.  This complete site-wide redesign/revamp will make things very easy to find, the site will be insanely easy to navigate, and is optimized for those of us on dialup as well as high speed.

We've managed to keep the membership rates at $20.00 for the last two years, despite our costs increasing.  Sadly, we had to announce a membership fee increase to $25.00, effective January 1st, 2005 for anyone that's not a currently active member.  We keep the site relatively advertisement free, where advertising is limited to people's signatures (with strict rules) and in the advertising forums (also with strict rules).  Other than that, this site is advertisement free, banner free, pop up advertisement free.  Part of your membership fees cover that information.  The other part helps keep the site's member areas private from the general public.

Correction to the above stricken out information, effective February 2007: We actually lowered rates this year, and made it retroactive to February 1st!  Due to a creative idea, we were able to keep our costs low, despite purchasing extremely expensive servers, and thanks to one of the hosting accounts on the same server, we were able to achieve a major reduction in server expenses, to the tune of $1500/year.  As a result, we LOWERED membership rates down to $12.50/year and $20.00/two years!  What a savings for everyone!  See?  Frugality can be applied everywhere, even with our own hosting costs!

Since we reveal a plethora of financial and personal information, we needed a way to keep this information from being publicly available for the general populace.  We don't want anyone's privacy to be violated because of our site.  This community is one of the most dynamic communities we've encountered anywhere.  There is a lot of trust amongst various members of our site, we truly are a giant worldly family.
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